DO NOT talk to the IRS, BEFORE consulting a tax attorney!

About Roger Kasny

Roger R Kasny, Tax Attorney

Roger Kasny when considering the top 10 most stressful situation one may have dealing with the IRS/State definitely makes the list. He also knows that almost any letter that comes to you from the IRS/State is one of dread. When you call him his first two questions to you are “how can I help you and tell me what is happening”. Roger deals with the IRS/State all day every day solving problems just like yours. He successfully may represent you as a taxpayer with your tax controversy issue until a possible resolution has been agreed upon. He is an IRS Problem Solver.

As one of the few attorneys in McHenry County that has been admitted to practice in all courts of law, including taking cases to the United States Supreme Court, he understands that most tax cases can quickly exceed $10,000 especially once interest and penalties are applied. Roger’s has been in practice since 1975 and his education is Bachelor of Science Degree Purdue University; Juris Doctorate, and Master of Legal Letters in Taxation John Marshall Law School;. Member of the IL Practitioner Liaison Committee of the IRS; Chicago Area IRS Collection Territory Managers and Tax Practitioners.

As a former Tax Prosecutor he learned early in his career and stresses today that taxpayers should never speak directly with the IRS/State Officers, even if they are completely innocent. Roger does that for you!

Kasny client’s audits are done in his office in McHenry, Illinois, under his supervision, even though the IRS/State prefers to audit your personal or business records at your site. Roger quickly points out to them that this is not a requirement and to you it is a distraction, inconvenience, disrupts productivity and can be a lengthy process.

Whether you are a non-filer, have over stated expenses, unreported income, or have a Federal or State Tax Lien or Levy, maybe your wages has been garnished, or are under investigation for tax fraud, remember DO NOT TALK to the IRS before consulting counsel.

Illinois Practitioner Liaison Committee Member

Internal Revenue Service Practitioner Committee

September 2011 – Present (4 years 8 months)Greater Chicago Area

The Illinois Practitioner Liaison Committee, made up of different divisions of the IRS, has put together a select group of tax professionals to share important information about IRS programs and issues received from the National Office of the IRS Small Business/Self-Employed Stakeholder Liaison Office in Washington D.C. As a member of this select committee, after the policies, practices and procedures are presented by the IRS, the committee has the opportunity to ask questions and share with the IRS its concerns as they affect the taxpayer for the IRS’s consideration


Chicago Area IRS Collection Territory Managers and Tax Practitioners Member

Internal Revenue Service Practitioner Committee

September 2011 – Present (4 years 8 months)

This group is comprised of Representatives from local tax controversy practitioner organizations. The purpose of which is to present to the Chicago area IRS Collection Territory Managers issues which the members of the organizations have that they feel are hindering effective federal tax administration.

The Territory Managers use the meetings to provide the practitioners with Collection Division concerns so as to effect positive outcomes for taxpayers, their representatives and the IRS.

Solutions coming from these meetings are submitted to the IRS National Office in Washington D.C. for review and implementation.

Additionally, we can discuss and resolve problems we or a member of our representative organizations are having regarding a case with all levels of the IRS Collection Division.


April M. Williams

April M. Williams
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Roger frequently shares his knowledge in his Tax Tip blog and with other LinkedIn members. This is evidence of his skill in representing taxpayers against the IRS. I commended his efforts in helping the little guy. Roger is a very compassionate attorney who cares about his clients and I thank Roger for his untiring dedication in helping people to get through difficult times.

Dennis Fontagneres

As an EA, I’ve worked along side of Roger Kasny for 30 years in representing clients who owe the IRS a lot of money. They come to us when their wages are garnished, liens are filed on house and property or they have received a notice that several years of their returns are to be audited. Roger is able to see the big picture and systematically work out a strategy.

Jim Rehnberg

Jim Rehnberg

When the IRS Letter moved from "Let's have coffee" to a complete" in my house audit of 2 full years" a lawyer friend referred Roger Kasny. Roger took control of me and provided the requested documentation with explanation. He provided a clear explanation of the issues and parameters. He worked beautifully with our accountant (who has since referred him to other clients).

Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston
Director of Business Devleopment at Schur Packaging Systems Inc.

Hire this tax attorney to represent you in matters with the IRS! You’re no doubt reading this because you’ve somehow run afoul of the IRS and are facing back taxes and penalties and don’t know where to turn.

Stephen Costello

Stephen Costello
Owner, President, Lawyer. at Costello & Costello, P.C.

I have been a practicing bankruptcy attorney for 27 years. Over that time I have crossed paths with many tax attorneys. Many of those seem to have problems getting the job done. Not Roger. He is always thorough, extremely knowledgeable and he gets the job done in my experience. I refer my clients to Roger and I am happy to have him as a valuable resource for my clients.

Robert Fry

Robert Fry

Roger may not even recall, but I called him for advice on a tax issue many years ago. He provided detailed advice and direction and did not even charge me for a short, professional consultation that really helped. Thank you.