Q: What should you do when you get an IRS/STATE NOTICE LETTER?
A: Speak with someone WHO KNOWS what they are doing and CAN HELP YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions
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  • You as a client may fall into several of the above groups. Most cases can quickly exceed $10,000; especially once interest and penalties are applied. This is where Kasny can help you avoid litigation and work toward a tax settlement.
  • No matter what the notice says you should NEVER speak directly with the IRS/State even if you are completely innocent! Most of you are very nervous and worried and even the most innocent mistake or seemingly normal conversation you have with them can lead to a very complicated situation and make matters worse for you.
  • So what are the chances that you or your business will go through an audit? If you are paying your taxes, your tax returns are correctly completed, signed, and the information is correct, chances are low. High risk are the poorly prepared income tax returns as the IRS does use a point valued system and your return becomes suspicious.
  • OF THE UTMOST importance is to have a competent, experienced, credentialed individual prepare your return with the accurate information you submitted.
  • Kasny's client audits are done in his office under his supervision. When it comes to audits, the IRS prefers to audit your records at your home/office. Kasny is quick to point out that THIS IS NOT a requirement and it can be a lengthy process. Plus an onsite audit may lead to an extensive in depth investigation.
  • As a problem solving attorney, Kasny has attorney/client privilege. This means he can NEVER testify against you--your information is confidential. CPAs and EAs may have to appear if they are subpoenaed. Kasny submits YOUR power of attorney to the IRS and that gives him the authority to act on your behalf and he then has attorney/client privilege